Everyone deserves a great career.

It shouldn’t matter where you’re starting from, or what struggles you’ve had in your life – if you want to work, there should be a path for you to build a meaningful, stable career.

We started Daughters of Rosie because we saw first-hand that it is possible to solve skilled-labor challenges and to increase the diversity of teams at the same time. We are continually inspired by the employers we work with: they are not just great places to build careers, they are also the backbone of the industrial economy.

Daughters of Rosie welcomes everyone, regardless of gender expression or identity. We value, promote, and support people who identify as non-binary, gender non-conforming, trans-, cis-, and anyone who self-determines a gender identity we have not named here.

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Contact us through the Work With Us form or email at partners@daughtersofrosie.com.

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